Caister Academic Press

The Chlamydial Inclusion

Kevin Hybiske and Dagmar Heuer
from: Chlamydia Biology: From Genome to Disease (Edited by: Ming Tan, Johannes H. Hegemann and Christine Sütterlin). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2020) Pages: 85-110.


A distinctive feature of Chlamydia species is that all of these bacterial species reside and replicate within an intracellular, host membrane-derived vacuole called the inclusion. Extensive modification of the inclusion membrane and lumen by Chlamydia is necessary to make it a hospitable home for the bacteria, which require nutrients and energy from the host cell. Given its central role in Chlamydia infection, the inclusion has been intensively studied for many decades. This chapter will summarize many of the important concepts that have been learned about the establishment and maintenance of the inclusion by Chlamydia . These include the mechanistic functions played by inclusion membrane proteins at the inclusion-host interface, and how Chlamydia scavenge and recruit critical nutrients and proteins from the host cell into the inclusion read more ...
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