Caister Academic Press

Murine norovirus translation, replication and reverse genetics

Akos Putics, Surender Vashist, Dalan Bailey and Ian Goodfellow
from: Caliciviruses: Molecular and Cellular Virology (Edited by: Grant S. Hansman, Xi Jason Jiang and Kim Y. Green). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2010)


Murine norovirus, currently the only norovirus that replicates efficiently in tissue culture, has offered scientists the first chance to study the entire norovirus life cycle in the laboratory. In addition, the development of reverse genetics for murine norovirus has provided the ideal opportunity for researchers to determine how variation at the genetic level affects pathogenicity in the natural host. Despite differences in the diseases caused by human and murine noroviruses, they possess a significant amount of genetic similarity; hence the general mechanisms of viral genome translation and replication are likely to be highly conserved. Here we aim to summarise our current understanding of the mechanisms of norovirus translation and replication, highlighting the important role of murine norovirus as a model system in the study of norovirus biology read more ...
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