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Calicivirus Reverse genetics and Replicon Systems

Kyeong-Ok Chang and Yunjeong Kim
from: Caliciviruses: Molecular and Cellular Virology (Edited by: Grant S. Hansman, Xi Jason Jiang and Kim Y. Green). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2010)


Recently, reverse genetics and replicon systems have been developed and are starting to be used in the elucidation of the calicivirus replication and pathogenicity. Reverse genetics systems are available for feline calicivirus, porcine enteric calicivirus, murine norovirus, rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus and a rhesus monkey calicivirus. For uncultivable caliciviruses, such as human norovirus, cell-based replicon systems have been established. Norovirus replicon systems are used to screen potential antivirals and therapeutic options against norovirus infection. Replicon systems with reporter genes such as those encoding green fluorescent protein or luciferase allows quantitative analysis of cellular and viral factors that promote virus replication. Further studies with reverse genetics and replicon system could yield important information for cell culture adaptation of human noroviruses which is crucial for development of efficient vaccines and antivirals read more ...
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