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Fungal Contamination of Barley and Malt

Ludwig Niessen
from: Brewing Microbiology: Current Research, Omics and Microbial Ecology (Edited by: Nicholas A. Bokulich and Charles W. Bamforth). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2017) Pages: 197-244.


Fungal contamination of barley and malt results in a high economic burden from malt yield loss, quality failure, and costs connected to the presence of toxic fungal secondary metabolites, i.e. mycotoxins. This chapter describes the routes and factors that influence fungal contamination of cereals and malt, both qualitatively and quantitatively, as well as the consequences which fungal growth may have in terms of malt and beer quality. Focus is given to the role of mycotoxins and their fate during malting and brewing as well as to recent research in the field of beer gushing. Since analysis is a strong tool to prevent fungi and their metabolites from entering the malt-beer chain, recent developments in the analytical toolbox are discussed, including chemical and molecular biology-based approaches. Finally, possible ways for the prevention of fungal growth in the field and during malting are discussed read more ...
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