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Non-Classical Secretion

Jannick D. Bendtsen and Karl G. Wooldridge
from: Bacterial Secreted Proteins: Secretory Mechanisms and Role in Pathogenesis (Edited by: Karl Wooldridge). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2009)


Bacterial secretion of proteins is undertaken by highly complex translocation machineries actively moving the protein to be secreted across the bacterial membrane. Given the complexity of these secretion systems it is not surprising that novel secretions systems are continuously being discovered. Neither is it surprising that we have limited knowledge on the secretory route for many known secretory proteins. Secreted proteins for which we lack information on the secretory route or where the secretory pathway is yet to be discovered are termed non-classical secretory proteins. Identification of new secretory pathways continuously move previously termed non-classical secretory proteins into new well-defined secretion systems. Many proteins secreted via alternative routes are involved in pathogenesis read more ...
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