Caister Academic Press

Comparative Genomics of Aspergilli

Natalie D. Fedorova and William C. Nierman
from: Aspergillus: Molecular Biology and Genomics (Edited by: Masayuki Machida and Katsuya Gomi). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2010)


The recent availability of Aspergillus genome sequences (A. nidulans, A. fumigatus, A. oryzae, A. clavatus, A. clavatus, A. flavus, A. niger, and A. terreus) make this genus a treasure trove for comparative genomic studies. The genomic approaches have provided insights into genome structure and evolution, gene flow in natural populations, and the nature of fungal pathogenicity and led to the discovery of potentially beneficial enzymes and secondary metabolites. In addition to these exiting findings, several problem areas have emerged. They include the quality of functional and structural genome annotation, the lack of dedicated web-based interfaces that allow easy access to current genome information, and lack of resources necessary to make continuous improvement to genome sequence and annotation data read more ...
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