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Small Molecule Drug Development for Dengue Virus

Qing-Yin Wang and Pei-Yong Shi
from: Arboviruses: Molecular Biology, Evolution and Control (Edited by: Nikos Vasilakis and Duane J. Gubler). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2016) Pages: 373-382.


Dengue virus imposes one of the largest social and economic burdens of any mosquito borne viral pathogen. Currently, there is no clinically approved vaccine or effective antiviral therapy available. Tremendous progresses have been made in the past decade towards development of antivirals for DENV. In this chapter, we summarize the current approaches in antivirals development and report the progress towards discovery of direct acting antivirals or host inhibitors against dengue virus infection. Concerted efforts have to be continuously undertaken and will eventually lead to an effective dengue therapy read more ...
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