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Combinatorial Biosynthesis for Antibiotic Discovery

Sung Ryeol Park and Yeo Joon Yoon
from: Antibiotics: Current Innovations and Future Trends (Edited by: Sergio Sánchez and Arnold L. Demain). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2015) Pages: 293-320.


The rapid and increasing prevalence of antibiotic-resistant pathogenic microorganisms has heightened the need for development of novel antibiotics. Natural products have traditionally been a prolific source of therapeutic agents for infectious diseases and other illnesses. However, as searching for new antibiotics with desired properties from natural products has become increasingly challenging, researchers have turned towards a genetic approach known as combinatorial biosynthesis to generate novel bioactive compounds for antibiotic discovery. In this chapter, we will review the past and current attempts and achievements to discover potentially novel antibiotic derivatives through combinatorial biosynthesis, and discuss its role and importance as well as its challenges, giving insights into the future trends and possibilities. In addition, multiple approaches, including heterologous expression and in vitro glycorandomization, coupled with the combinatorial biosynthesis technique will be described. Moreover, although we will focus on antibacterial compounds and their derivatives, several other related compounds will be mentioned to enlighten the concept of combinatorial biosynthesis read more ...
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