Caister Academic Press

Occurrence and Virulence Potential of Aeromonas in Food and Water

Christopher J. Grim
from: Aeromonas (Edited by: Joerg Graf). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2015) Pages: 201-228.


Aeromonas is ubiquitous in surface waters. In terms of water distribution systems, elevated temperatures in surface waters lead to proliferation and regrowth of the organisms, especially in systems that are prone to biofilm development and in the extreme periphery, where free chlorine levels are low. Maintenance of chlorine levels at 0.3 mg/L or above, use of ground water sources, and biofilm and biofouling control are essential to prevent regrowth of Aeromonas in these systems. Food commodities are easily contaminated with Aeromonas, likely from exposure to contaminated water. In contrast to the seasonal distribution in surface waters, the psychrotrophic tolerance of aeromonads allows for their survival and proliferation in refrigerated foods read more ...
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