Caister Academic Press

Molecular Diagnostics by Genetic Methods

Antonio Martínez-Murcia and Brigitte Lamy
from: Aeromonas (Edited by: Joerg Graf). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2015) Pages: 155-200.


This chapter deals with most, if not all, genetic methods used for classification and molecular diagnostics of Aeromonas species. These methods include currently used strategies designed for identifying strains at the species level from pure cultures, for detection of species on complex samples, e.g. waters or food, and for genotyping strains. The genus Aeromonas represents one of the best examples to illustrate applications of molecular biology techniques in microbiology, as it early took the benefits from cutting-edge molecular biology developments to be deeply renovated and, at the same time, represents a particularly difficult example of application for molecular diagnostic microbial methods due to its complex historical taxonomy, recent changes, increasing number of new species descriptions, and their extremely close phylogenetic relationships. We have reviewed past, current and new genetic methods, aiming to give an overview and opinions about advantages and disadvantages, performance and limitations. After a brief description of the principles of the procedures, each method is illustrated by applications either in clinical diagnosis, microbial ecologic issues, epidemiologic surveys, population diversity studies, or in taxonomy rearrangements and new taxa descriptions. Present trends and future perspectives of new revolutionary technology, expected at short and medium term, are also discussed read more ...
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