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Aeromonas, a Multifaceted Microbe: Beneficial Associations with Animals

Joerg Graf
from: Aeromonas (Edited by: Joerg Graf). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2015) Pages: 109-116.


One fascinating aspect of Aeromonas spp. is that they are not only pathogens but also form commensal and beneficial associations with different animals. Indeed even one species can be found in association with a wide range of animals that are commensal, beneficial or pathogenic, which depends on the host is colonized. This diversity of associations provides an opportunity for investigating the underlying mechanisms of non-pathogenic microbe-host interactions and for gaining insights into the evolution of virulence. Among the Aeromonads, the best-studied symbiotic interaction is that of Aeromonas spp. with medicinal leeches, e.g. Hirudo verbana. Recent work has revealed that Aeromonas spp. induce the proper development of the gut in Zebrafish, which is in stark contrast to the ulcerative syndrom and other diseases in fishes and suggests the importance of the location in determining the outcome of the assocations. There is also circumstantial evidence that Aeromonas spp form non-pathogenic associations with different species of mosquitoes and also vampire bats read more ...
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