Caister Academic Press

Proteomics of Acidophilic Prokaryotes

Francisco Remonsellez, Fernando Pagliai, Claudio Navarro, Rodrigo Almárcegui and Carlos A. Jerez
from: Acidophiles: Life in Extremely Acidic Environments (Edited by: Raquel Quatrini and D. Barrie Johnson). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2016) Pages: 233-248.


Proteomics, metaproteomics, genomics and metagenomics, together with metabolomics, have been widely used in recent years to study the global regulatory responses of all kinds of cells. By this approach it may be possible to explore the new properties of microorganisms that arise from the interplay of genes, proteins, other macromolecules, small molecules, and the environment. Proteomics offers direct information of the dynamic protein expression in tissue or whole cells, giving us a global analysis of the cell proteins and their cellular behaviour. In this chapter, recent advances in standard and quantitative proteomics applied to individual acidophilic bacteria and archaea are reviewed. Specifically, adaptation responses of acidophiles to extremely high metal concentrations, different minerals or solid substrates and possible applications of some of these findings are illustrated read more ...
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