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Conclusions and Future Studies

from: Acanthamoeba: Biology and Pathogenesis (2nd edition) (Author: Naveed Ahmed Khan). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2015) Pages: 279-284.


1. A model organism with the pathogenic potential
1.1. Acanthamoeba as an exampler to study 5'- or 3'-terminal tRNA editing
1.2. Acanthamoeba as a tool for testing the virulence of bacteria
2. New approaches in the study of Acanthamoeba
2.1. Genome and transfection assay
2.2. Drug discovery and delivery
3. Future Research
3.1. Prevention
3.2. Diagnosis
3.3. Basic Research
3.4. Host for microbial pathogens
4. Treatment
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