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The Ribozyme Web Page

Author: Mark A. Behlke, Kornelia Berghof-Jäger, Tom Brown, et al.
This indispensable manual is a compilation of review articles written by experts in the field of PCR technology.
The Ribozyme Web Page. A comprehensive collection of information and links on all aspects of ribozymes

General Information on Ribozymes

Ribozymes were discovered in 1981 by Cech et al. (Cell 26: 487-496). Ribozymes are RNA molecules capable of catalyzing RNA cleavage in a sequence-specific way.

Hammerhead ribozymes are the smallest known naturally occurring ribozymes which are capable of catalyzing the endonucleolytic trans-esterification of RNA. Hammerhead ribozymes may play an important role as therapeutic agents, as enzymes which tailor defined RNA sequences, as biosensors, and for applications in functional genomics and gene discovery. from Hean and Weinberg in Chapter 1 "The Hammerhead Ribozyme Revisited" from RNA and the Regulation of Gene Expression

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