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Detailed ordering information

Retailers, trade and library orders

  1. Retailers and trade order from Ingram retail sales, Gardners, Waterstones, Bertrams etc. Libraries order from Ingram library sales
  2. or

  3. Order through iPage online ordering system. See the tutorial and faq with rapid global book delivery (via iPage) to the following countries: Australia, Canada (Eastern and Western), European Union, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom
    To place iPage UK orders from other countries you will need to provide a Freight Forwarder Address, this is the address of a courier within the UK, to whom we will deliver your order (free of charge) and who in turn will send it on to the final destination.


Order from our online store. Orders are shipped worldwide from North America or Europe.

Book shops

Buy from any good bookshop or internet bookstore. Stockists include:

United Kingdom and Europe
* Adlibris
* Agapea
* Amazon
* Aphrohead
* Bertrams
* Blackwell
* Book Depository Ltd
* Books Express
* Coutts Information Services Ltd
* Designarta Books
* Eden Interactive Ltd
* Foyles
* Gardners
* Trust Media Distribution (formerly STL)
* Mallory International
* Paperback Shop Ltd
* Superbookdeals
* The Book Community Ltd
* Waterstones
* Wrap Distribution

Australia and New Zealand
* Rainbow Book Agencies
* The Nile
* James Bennett
* Peter Pal
* University Co-operative Bookshop