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JMMB Volume 4 Number 5. September 2002


  • Jet Lag: Minimizing It's Effects with Critically Timed Bright Light and Melatonin Administration
    Barbara L. Parry, M.D. [access full article]
  • Review

  • Predatory Prokaryotes: An Emerging Research Opportunity
    Mark O. Martin [access full article]
  • Research Article

  • Development of a Positive Genetic Selection System for Inhibition of Protein Splicing Using Mycobacterial Inteins in Escherichia coli DNA Gyrase Subunit A
    Eric Adam, and Francine B. Perler [access full article]
  • Research Article

  • Cross Communication Between Components of Carbon Catabolite Repression of Lactobacillus casei and Bacillus megaterium
    Kerstin Mahr, Carlos David Esteban, Wolfgang Hillen, Fritz Titgemeyer, and Gaspar Pérez-Martínez [access full article]
  • Research Article

  • The General Stress Protein Ctc of Bacillus subtilis is a Ribosomal Protein
    Matthias Schmalisch, Ines Langbein, and Jörg Stülke [access full article]
  • Research Article

  • Regulatory Relationship of Two-Component and ABC Transport Systems and Clustering of Their Genes in the Bacillus/Clostridium Group, Suggest a Functional Link Between Them
    Pascale Joseph, Gwennaele Fichant, Yves Quentin, and François Denizot [access full article]
  • Erratum

  • An Inventory of Genes Encoding RNA Polymerase Sigma Factors in 31 Completely Sequenced Eubacterial Genomes
    Gerhard Mittenhuber [access full article]