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JMMB Volume 4 Number 2. March 2002

JMMB Reviews

  • Specific and Global Regulation of Genes Associated with the Degradation of Aromatic Compounds in Bacteria
    Ulrike Gerischer [access full article]
  • JMMB Communications

  • Improved Quantitation and Reproducibility in Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA Microarrays
    Benjamin G. Schroeder, Liane M. Peterson, and Robert D. Fleischmann [access full article]
  • JMMB Research Articles

  • A Vector with Transcriptional Terminators Increases Efficiency of Cloning of an RNA Virus by Reverse Transcription Long Polymerase Chain Reaction
    C.L. Cameron-Wilson, H. Zhang, F. Zhang, L. Buluwela, P. Muir, and L.C. Archard [access full article]
  • Sequence Similarity as a Predictor of the Transmembrane Topology of Membrane-Intrinsic Subunits of Bacterial Respiratory Chain Enzymes
    Richard A. Rothery, Navita Kalra, Raymond J. Turner and Joel H. Weiner [access full article]
  • Analysis of Regulatory Elements and Genes Required for Carbon Tetrachloride Degradation in Pseudomonas stutzeri Strain KC
    Lycely del C. Sepúlveda-Torres, Allison Huang, Heenam Kim, and Craig S. Criddle [access full article]
  • Characterization of the ves Gene, Which is Expressed at a Low Temperature in Escherichia coli
    Mamoru Yamada, Hiroshi Nagamitsu, Hanae Izu, Kazunori Nakamura, and Ali Azam Talukder [access full article]