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JMMB Volume 1 Number 1. August 1999

JMMB Editorial

  • JMMB: A New Journal With a New Outlook for a New Era
    M. H. Saier, Jr. [access full article]
  • JMMB Symposium: Molecular Marine Microbiology

  • Introduction
    D. Bartlett [access full article]
  • Quorum Regulation of Luminescence inVibrio fischeri
    P. V. Dunlap [access full article]
  • The Euprymna scolopes -Vibrio fischeri Symbiosis: A Biomedical Model for the Study of Bacterial Colonization of Animal Tissue
    E. G. Ruby [access full article]
  • Bacterial Signals and Antagonists: The Interaction Between Bacteria and Higher Organisms
    S. A. Rice, M. Givskov, P. Steinberg, and S. Kjelleberg [access full article]
  • Microbial Symbionts of Marine Invertebrates: Opportunities for Microbial Biotechnology
    M. G. Haygood, E. W. Schmidt, S. K. Davidson and D. J. Faulkner [access full article]
  • Microbial Gene Transfer: An Ecological Perspective
    J. H. Paul [access full article]
  • The Multiple Identities of Vibrio parahaemolyticus
    L. McCarter [access full article]
  • Non-Flagellar Swimming in Marine Synechococcus
    B. Brahamsha [access full article]
  • Petroleum Biodegradation in Marine Environments
    S. Harayama, H. Kishira, Y. Kasai, and K. Shutsubo [access full article]
  • Marine Bacillus Spores as Catalysts for Oxidative Precipitation and Sorption of Metals
    C. A. Francis and B. M. Tebo [access full article]
  • Formation of Magnetosomes in Magnetotactic Bacteria
    D. Schüler [access full article]
  • Pressure Response in Deep-sea Piezophilic Bacteria
    C. Kato and M. H. Qureshi [access full article]
  • Microbial Adaptations to the Psychrosphere/Piezosphere
    D. H. Bartlett [access full article]
  • Adaptation of Proteins from Hyperthermophiles to High Pressure and High Temperature
    F. T. Robb and D. S. Clark [access full article]

    JMMB Review

  • The RND Permease Superfamily: An Ancient, Ubiquitous and Diverse Family that Includes Human Disease and Development Proteins
    T.-T. Tseng, K. S. Gratwick, J. Kollman, D. Park, D. H. Nies, A. Goffeau, and M. H. Saier, Jr. [access full article]
  • JMMB Correspondence

  • The Purloined Letter: Bacterial Orthologs of Archaeal NMN Adenylyltransferase are Domains within Multifunctional Transcription Regulator NadR
    A. Mushegian [access full article]
  • JMMB Communications

  • High Level Production of Thermostable a-Amylase from Sulfolobus solfataricus in High-Cell Density Culture of the Food Yeast Candida utilis
    Y. Miura, M. Kettoku, M. Kato, K. Kobayashi, and K. Kondo [access full article]
  • Automation of Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening
    R. G. Buckholz, C. A. Simmons, J. M. Stuart, and M. P. Weiner [access full article]

    JMMB Research Articles

  • The Catabolite Control Protein CcpA Controls Ammonium Assimilation in Bacillus subtilis
    N. Faires, S. Tobisch, S. Bachem, I. Martin-Verstraete, M. Hecker, and J. Stülke [access full article]
  • RecA Interacts with Klenow and Enhances Fidelity of DNA Synthesis in vitro
    G. Karthikeyan, G.S. Lakshmikant, M. D. Wagle, G. Krishnamoorthy, and B. J. Rao [access full article]
  • Anaerobic Degradation of Ethylbenzene and Toluene in Denitrifying Strain EbN1 Proceeds via Independent Substrate-Induced Pathways
    K. M. Champion, K. Zengler, and R. Rabus [access full article]
  • Ribose Utilization in Lactobacillus sakei: Analysis of the Regulation of the rbs Operon and Putative Involvement of a New Transporter
    R. Stentz and M. Zagorec [access full article]
  • Sequence Motifs Determine Structure and Ca++-binding by EF-hand Proteins
    H. H. Rashidi, M. Bauer, J. Patterson, and D. W. Smith [access full article]
  • Expression and Characterization of E. coli-produced Soluble, Functional Human Dihydroorotate Dehydrogenase: a Potential Target for Immunosuppression
    E. A. Neidhardt, S. R. Punreddy, J. E. McLean, L. Hedstrom, and T. H. Grossman [access full article]