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NMR in Microbiology: Theory and Applications

Publisher: Horizon Scientific Press
Editors: Jean-Noël Barbotin and Jean-Charles Portais Amiens, France
Publication date: January 2000
ISBN: 978-1-898486-21-3 (hbk) Buy book
Pages: xii + 496

"I recommend this book to microbiologists or spectroscopists ..." Microbiology Today 28:103 (May 2001)

"I rarely promote new books but this one, published by Horizon Scientific Press, I really like. The above link points to an extensive and well-written resumè which, especially for a non-specialist, represents in itself a valuable briefing on both NMR spectroscopy and microbiology. It is laced with numerous further links and terminates with a nice list of serious links to Molecular Biology and Genomic matters." Stan's NMR Blog (September 4, 2005)

NMR is becoming an increasingly important technique in all areas of microbiological research. This book describes the theory and practical applications of NMR and is aimed specifically at microbiologists. Discover the value and potential and of this powerful technology. An invaluable reference source for all microbiologists!

Chapter List:

CHAPTER 1: NMR Basic Principles
Jean-Michel Franconi, Dominique Cailleu, Jean-Charles Portais and Paul Canioni

CHAPTER 2: NMR and Microorganisms
Jean-Philippe Grivet

CHAPTER 3: In situ NMR Systems
Jacqueline V. Shanks

CHAPTER 4: Use of 13C labelling and NMR Spectroscopy in Metabolic Flux Analysis
Albert A. de Graaf

CHAPTER 5: Data Analysis And Modelisation
Tran-Dinh Son

CHAPTER 6: Two-Dimensional NMR Spectroscopy
Jack Skalicky and Thomas Szyperski

CHAPTER 7: Structure Determination of Microbial Polysaccharides by High Resolution NMR Spectroscopy
Dusan Uhrín and Jean-Robert Brisson

CHAPTER 8: NMR Studies of Bacterial Sugar Ttransport System
Gerd Gemmecker, Horst Kessler and Bernhard Erni

CHAPTER 9: Use of NMR in Protein-Water Exchange Studies
Marie-Claire Parker and Catherine Sarazin

CHAPTER 10: In Situ Measurements of Enzyme Activities by NMR
Zheng-Yu Wang and Tsunenori Nozawa

CHAPTER 11: Biological Membrane Structure by Solid-State NMR
Michèle Auger

CHAPTER 12: Pathways with NMR: Metabolism of Amino Acids in Corynebacteria
Stéphane Guillouet, Philip A. Lessard and Anthony J. Sinskey

CHAPTER 13: Propionic Acid Bacteria
Patrick Boyaval and Catherine Deborde

CHAPTER 14: NMR Investigations of Yeast Metabolism: Biochemistry and Biotechnology Applications
Hans J. Vogel and Elke M. Lohmeier-Vogel

CHAPTER 15: NMR Investigations of Polymer Biosynthesis. The Case of a MultiproductiveBbacterium, Sinorhizobium meliloti
Isabelle Gosselin, Jean-Noël Barbotin and Jean-Charles Portais

CHAPTER 16: Sugar Transport and Metabolism in Fermentative Bacteria
O.M.M. Bouvet and M-N. Rager

CHAPTER 17: NMR on Bacterial Biofilms and Model Systems
Christian Mayer

CHAPTER 18: Comparative NMR Analysis of Stable Isotope Labeling Patterns. Biosynthesis of Gallic Acid
Wolfgang Eisenreich, Ingo Werner and Adelbert Bacher

CHAPTER 19: Microbial Degradation of Xenobiotics
Anne-Marie Delort and Bruno Combourieu

CHAPTER 20: Application of Solid-State NMR to Investigate Organic Biogeochemistry in Soils
D.W. Hopkins, J.A. Chudek, S.F.I. Haslam and E.A. Webster

CHAPTER 21: Metabolic Engineering: A Framework for the Integration of Genomic and Physiological Data
Maria I. Klapa and Gregory Stephanopoulos

CHAPTER 22: Future Trends in Complex Microbial Reaction Studies
Uwe Sauer, Thomas Szyperski, and James E. Bailey

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