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Flow Cytometry for Research Scientists: Principles and Applications

Publisher: Horizon Scientific Press
Author: Rafael Nunez University of Zurich, Switzerland
Publication date: January 2001
ISBN: 978-1-898486-26-8 (hbk) Buy book
Pages: vi + 109

An essential handbook for research scientists that use, or plan to use, flow cytometers. Provides an introduction and guide for those new to the field while serving as a valuable reference for experienced users who want to investigate new applications. Aimed especially at the research scientist wishing to explore the applications of flow cytometry in a wide range of scientific fields, this book covers basic principles, instrumentation, data analysis, molecular cytometry, DNA analysis, and many practical applications. Fully illustrated throughout with a comprehensive index and useful appendices!

Chapter List:

Chapter 1 Introduction to the Field of Cytometry and its Importance in Biomedicine

Chapter 2 Overview of Flow Cytometry Instruments

Chapter 3 Flow Cytometric Data Analysis. CellQuest Software

Chapter 4 DNA Analysis. DNA Measurement and Cell Cycle Analysis

Chapter 5 Molecular Cytometry

Chapter 6 Surface Staining and Immunophenotyping Using Multicolor Analysis

Chapter 7 Handling of Samples: Biosafety

Chapter 8 Intracellular Antigens. Cytokines and the Study of Viral Antigens

Chapter 9 Flow Cytometric Assessment of Sperm Quality and Cell Cycle Analysis

Chapter 10 Flow Cytometric Assessment of Allopurinol Susceptibility in Leishmania infantum Promastigote

Chapter 11 Flow Cytometric Assessment of Transduction Efficiency and Vector Cytotoxicity of HSV-1 Amplicon Vectors

Chapter 12 Immunophenotyping of DC by Flow Cytometry and Description of Diverse Functional Studies

Chapter 13 Summary

Chapter 14 Protocols

Appendix 1 Commercial Resources for Flow Cytometry on the Web

Appendix 2 Abbreviations used in Flow Cytometry


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