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Vaccines: Frontiers in Design and Development

Publisher: Horizon Bioscience
Editor: Philippe Moingeon Stallergènes, R&D, 6 rue Alexis de Tocqueville, 92 160 Antony, France
Publication date: May 2005
ISBN-10: 1-904933-09-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-904933-09-0
Pages: x + 268

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Generations of new vaccines such as DNA-based vaccines, multipeptide, lipopeptide, molecular, cellular and replicon-based vaccines are currently being developed to help combat viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections, and non-infectious diseases including cancer, autoimmune diseases, allergies, neurodegenerative and metabolic diseases.

In this book internationally acclaimed authors review current strategies and approaches in vaccine development. Topics covered include the immunological basis for rational design of new vaccines, targeting the innate immune system, mucosal immunity, vaccine safety, and vaccine vector technology. Several chapter are devoted to the development of vaccines to combat specific diseases such as tuberculosis, nosocomal infections, rotaviruses, human papillomavirus, cancer, and allergies.

An essential reference book for everyone involved in vaccine research and development.


"... appropriate for students or graduate students in the fields of microbiology and immunology or public health science." from Clin. Inf. Dis. (2006) 43: 119.

"I found this book to be well written and filled with valuable information about novel approaches to vaccine design and development. I liked in particular the mentioning of various vaccine approaches that are currently under investigation in clinical trials ... Overall, this book is a significant contribution to the vaccine literature and I would recommend it to researchers and teachers interested in the field of vaccinology. " from ASM Microbe (April 2006)

Chapter List:

Chapter 1
Driving Forces in the Development of Innovative Vaccines
Philippe Moingeon

Chapter 2
Immunological Basis for the Rational Design of New Vaccines
Laleh Majlessi and Claude Leclerc

Chapter 3
Targeting Innate Immunity With Adjuvants: Can Accurate Danger Signals Drive More Protective Immune Responses?
Nicolas Burdin

Chapter 4
Mucosal Immunity and Vaccine Design
Cecil Czerkinsky, Ali M. Harandi and Jan Holmgren

Chapter 5
Immunization Using the Skin: New Approaches
Gregory M. Glenn, David C. Flyer, Mohammad Al-Khalili and Larry R. Ellingsworth

Chapter 6
Cellular Vaccines: Current Status
Alessandra Nardin and Jean-Pierre Abastado

Chapter 7
Veterinary Applications of the Canarypox Vaccine Vector Technology: Recent Developments for Vaccines in Domestic Mammalian Species
Jean-Christophe Audonnet, Jules Minke and Hervé Poulet

Chapter 8
Immunological Aspects of Vaccine Safety: Where Do We Go?
Paul-Henri Lambert and Michel Goldman

Chapter 9
Vaccines Against Nosocomial Infections
Philippe Moingeon and Jeffrey Almond

Chapter 10
TB Vaccine Development: Opportunity and Imperative
Anne S. De Groot, and Julie A. McMurry

Chapter 11
Development of a Vaccine Against Rotaviruses: Current Status
Duncan Steele, Roger Glass and Joseph Bresee

Chapter 12
Development of a Vaccine Against Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
Russell L. Basser, Stirling Edwards and Ian H. Frazer

Chapter 13
Development of Cancer Vaccines: Current Status
Pamela L. Beatty and Olivera J. Finn

Chapter 14
Antigen-specific Immunotherapy for Allergies
Claude Andre

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