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Bacterial Spore Formers: Probiotics and Emerging Applications

Publisher: Horizon Bioscience
Editors: Ezio Ricca, Adriano O. Henriques and Simon M. Cutting
Universitá Federico II, Naples, Italy; Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal; University of London, UK
Publication date: September 2004
ISBN-10: 1-904933-02-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-904933-02-1
Pages: xii + 244

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Bacterial spore formers have been the focus of intense study over the last forty years centered primarily on Bacillus subtilis. This organism has served as an excellent model for differentiation in a single cell and has provided unique insights into the mechanisms that control cellular differentiation. Spore forming bacteria are becoming increasingly important in the areas of probiotics, vaccine technology and biotechnology.

This comprehensive book describes in detail the most topical emerging areas of scientific importance involving the use of spores and covers their use as probiotics in humans and animals and also with plants. In addition authors present the emerging use of the spore as a tool for nanobiotechnology where the spore can be used for the efficient display of heterologous proteins on the spore surface. The use of this technology in vaccine design is discussed. Also covered are the ecological roles of spores, the taxonomy and systematics of spore forming bacteria, and the architecture and assembly of spores.

The innovative topics covered in this volume will be of particular interest to scientists working in all areas of probiotic research and vaccine technology and is recommended reading for microbiologists involved with Bacillus spp. and other spore forming bacteria.


"I recommend Bacterial Spore Formers: Probiotics and Emerging Applications both to basic microbiologists, who will find it to be an eye-opener, and to industrial and medical microbiologists, who will find it to be a most valued resource." from the Foreword by Richard Losick, Harvard University, USA.

"The book brings together ecological and molecular approaches in a novel and refreshing way, and is also unusually diverse in the locations of the contributors (which may help to explain the previous point!). It also has a commendable emphasis on applications, especially of our molecular genetic knowledge, and looks for these in both the developed and developing worlds. The chapters on controversial subjects such as probiotics, oral vaccines and CDEPT set out to make a case, but are reasonably balanced and judicious in their conclusions. The book has been well edited and is attractively produced. It makes interesting and useful reading for professional microbiologists at all levels, and could be used to get undergraduate and postgraduate classes thinking more widely about the uses to which science can be put." by Simon Baumberg, University of Leeds Microbiology Today, October 2005.

Chapter List:

Section I. General Aspects

Chapter 1.
Ubiquity, Longevity, and Ecological Roles of Bacillus Spores
Wayne L. Nicholson

Chapter 2.
Taxonomy and Systematics of Aerobic Endospore Forming Bacteria
Dagmar Fritze

Chapter 3.
Ecology of Bacillus Species in Soil
Andreas D.M. Felske

Chapter 4.
Pathogenic Bacilli: B. anthracis and Close Relatives
Marco R. Oggioni, Annalisa Ciabattini, Marco Cassone and Gianni Pozzi

Chapter 5.
Sporulation in Bacillus subtilis and other bacteria
Imrich Barák

Chapter 6.
The Functional Architecture and Assembly of the Spore Coat
Adriano Henriques, Teresa Costa, Lígia O. Martins and Rita Zilhão

Chapter 7.
The Spore Surface
Adam Driks

Section II. Spores as Probiotics

Chapter 8.
Safety of Aerobic Endospore-Forming Bacteria
Niall Logan

Chapter 9.
The Fate of Ingested Spores
Huynh A. Hong and Le Hong Duc

Chapter 10.
Mechanisms of Gene Transfer and the Spread of Antibiotic Resistance in Spore Forming Organisms in the GI Tract
Peter Mullany, Teresa Barbosa, Karen Scott and Adam Roberts

Chapter 11.
Bacillus Spores as Probiotic Products for Human Use
Sonia Senesi

Chapter 12.
Production and Probiotic Effects of Natto
Tomohiro Hosoi and Kan Kiuchi

Chapter 13.
Spore Probiotics as Animal Feed Supplements
Stephen T. Cartman and Roberto M. La Ragione

Chapter 14.
The Potential for Use of Bacillus spp. in Sports Turf Management
Alan C. Gange and Karen J. Hagley

Chapter 15.
Antimicrobial Activity of Bacillus Probiotics
Maria C. Urdaci and I. Pinchuk

Chapter 16.
Gut Sporeformers
Teresa M. Barbosa, Cl‡udia R. Serra and Adriano O. Henriques

Section III. Spores as Vaccine Vehicles and in Therapeutics

Chapter 17.
Display of Molecules on the Spore Surface
Rachele Isticato, Giuseppina Cangiano, Maurilio De Felice and Ezio Ricca

Chapter 18.
Spores as Oral Vaccines
Simon M. Cutting

Chapter 19.
Recombinant Clostridial Spores in Tumour Therapy
Oliver J. Pennington, Lieve Van Mellaert, Jan Theys, Sofie Barbé, Philippe Lambin, Jozef Anné and Nigel P. Minton


Appendix I.
Commercial Probiotic Products Containing Bacillus Spores
Simon M. Cutting

Appendix II.
EU Regulations on Bacillary Probiotics for Animal Feeds
Elinor McCartney

Appendix III.
The Fungicidal Activity of Spore Forming Bacteria
Rudolf R. Azizbekyan


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