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SAGE: Current Technologies and Applications

Publisher: Horizon Bioscience
Editor: San Ming Wang Center for Functional Genomics, ENH Research Institute, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 60201, USA
Publication date: Jan 01, 2005
ISBN-10: 1-904933-07-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-904933-07-6
Pages: x + 376

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In the post-genomic era SAGE (Serial Analysis of Gene Expression) is one of the most powerful tools available for global expression profiling at the mRNA level (transcriptome analysis). SAGE is also a valuable tool for gene discovery and gene network identification. Written by recognized experts in the field, this timely and authoritative volume reviews every aspect of SAGE technology including the evaluation of SAGE, the improvement and further development of SAGE methodology, the statistical analysis and mathematical modeling of SAGE data, and the practical application of SAGE in eukaryotic organisms, stem cell research, brain cells analysis, and much more.

This comprehensive book is the definitive reference volume and an essential reference for all researchers interested in or working with SAGE technology.


"This book is a thorough treatment of SAGE (Serial Analysis of Gene Expression). ... The 18 chapters in this book cover a range of applications, for example, comparing transcriptomic differences in brain territories, developmental studies in Drosophila, plant gene expression studies, and statistical analysis of SAGE data." by David Ussery, Technical University of Denmark, Microbiology Today, October 2005.

"It covers a broad range of areas" by Ju-Gyeong Kang and Paul M Hwang, Expert Rev. Mol. Diagn., (2006) 6: 137-138..

Key Features:

* Every aspect of SAGE covered
* Expert International Authors
* Fully Up-To-Date
* Broad Coverage
* Comprehensive Reference Section

Chapter List:

Chapter 1
Evaluation of SAGE Tags for Transcriptome Study

Erin D. Pleasance and Steven J.M. Jones

Chapter 2
CAGE: A Novel Approach for Rapid Gene Discovery and Gene Network Identification
Matthias Harbers, and Piero Carninci

Chapter 3
SuperSAGE: A Potent Transcriptome Tool for Eukaryotic Organisms
Hideo Matsumura, Stefanie Reich, Monika Reuter, Detlev H. Krüger, Peter Winter, Günter Kahl and Ryohei Terauchi

Chapter 4
An Improved Protocol for SAGE Tag-to-gene Allocation
Ute Kannbley, Jason R. Potas, and George Trendelenburg

Chapter 5
Using HPLC to Purify Ditags for SAGE Library Construction
Mette Damgaard Nielsen and Knud Josefsen

Chapter 6
Web Tools for Statistical Analysis of SAGE Data
Chiara Romualdi and Stefania Bortoluzzi

Chapter 7
Conversion of MPSS Orphan Tags into 3' ESTs
Anamaria A. Camargo, Ana Paula M. Silva, Dirce M. Cararro, Jianjun Chen, and San Ming Wang

Chapter 8
Mathematical Analysis and Modeling of SAGE Transcriptome
Vladimir A. Kuznetsov

Chapter 9
Statistical Analysis of SAGE Data
Michael Man

Chapter 10
Studies of Plant Gene Expression Using SAGE
W. Walter Lorenz and Jeffrey F.D. Dean

Chapter 11
SAGE Analysis of Embryonic Stem Cells
Kirill V. Tarasov, Sergey V. Anisimov, Yelena S. Tarasova, Daniel R. Riordon, Antoine Younes, Michael D. Stern, Anna M. Wobus and Kenneth R. Boheler

Chapter 12
Determining Transcriptome Differences Between Brain Territories
Michel de Chaldée, Marie-Claude Gaillard, and Jean-Marc Elalouf

Chapter 13
Identifying Selection Signatures in Mammalian Genes Through the Analysis of Patterns of Gene Expression
Araxi O. Urrutia and Laurence D. Hurst

Chapter 14
SAGE Identifies Transcripts Involved in Enhanced Performance of Endurance Athlete's Muscle
Jonny St-Amand, Hiroaki Tanakam, Naoko Shono, Eric E. Snyder, Munehiro Shindo and Mayumi Yoshioka

Chapter 15
Using SAGE to Analyze Signaling and Development in Drosophila
Heinrich Jasper

Chapter 16
Use of SAGE Technology to Reveal Changes in Gene Expression in Arabidopsis Undergoing Cold Stress
Dong-Hee Lee, Yun-Jung Byun, Ji-Yeon Lee, and Sun-Hee Jung

Chapter 17
SAGE Analysis of Age- and Sex-Associated Changes in Cardiac Gene Expression
Sergey V. Anisimov, Kirill V. Tarasov, Edward G. Lakatta and Kenneth R. Boheler

Chapter 18
Reverse Transcriptome: Identification of Novel Transcripts Through Novel SAGE Tags
San Ming Wang

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