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Real-Time PCR: An Essential Guide

Publisher: Horizon Bioscience
Editor: Kirstin Edwards, Julie Logan and Nick Saunders Genomics Proteomics and Bioinformatics Unit, Health Protection Agency, London
Publication date: May 2004
ISBN-10: 0-9545232-7-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-9545232-7-5
Pages: vi + 346

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Real-time PCR (RT-PCR) is a powerful and rapid technique for nucleic acid amplification. The accumulation of specific products in a reaction is monitored continuously during cycling. This is usually achieved by monitoring changes in fluorescence within the PCR tube. This essential manual presents a comprehensive guide to the most appropriate and up-to-date technologies and applications as well as providing an overview of the theory of this important technique. Written by recognized experts in the field this timely and authoritative volume is an essential requirement for all laboratories using PCR. Topics covered include: Real-time PCR instruments and probe chemistries, set-up, controls and validation, quantitative real-time PCR, analysis of mRNA expression, mutation detection, NASBA, application in clinical microbiology and diagnosis of infection.

Key Features:

•   Completely up-to-date
•   Internationally renown authors
•   Fully illustrated throughout
•   Comprehensive coverage of the latest RT PCR technology
•   Explains key principles and concepts
•   Includes a broad range of applications
•   Useful index


"This book is written by experts in the field and I recommend it as a standard text for real-time PCR users." from Microbiology Today (2004) 31: 199.

" ... a comprehensive guide to the most appropriate and up-to-date technologies and applications. The book ... is an important addition to any laboratory that uses PCR." from Joshua Marcy in Drug Discovery and Development (2004) August.

"... a benchmank in the rapid expanding field of molecular methods and is an essential guide for molecular biologists, microbiologists, biochemists, clinicians and biotechnology companies." from International Journal of Food Microbiology (2004) Reviewed by Niels Skovgaard, Denmark.

"I am now convinced that this book presents such a wealth of information on the topic of real-time PCR that it would be of great use to anyone working in the field or interested in the topic." from Australian J. Med. Sci. (2005) 26: 26-27.

"The book is well laid out and easy to read." from Australian J. Med. Sci. (2005) 26: 26-27.

"... an extremely useful volume with a great deal of helpful information. It would be invaluable to any lab or research center planning to buy a system" from E-Streams (May 2005) Vol 8 No 5

"It was the aim of the editors to offer an introduction to real-time PCR and a source for current trends and most interesting applications. Such goals have been satisfactorily achieved." from Polymer News (2005) 30(5): 168.

Chapter List:

Chapter 1
An Introduction to Real-Time PCR
N.A. Saunders

Chapter 2
An Overview of Real-Time PCR Platforms
J.M.J. Logan and K.J. Edwards

Chapter 3
Homogeneous Fluorescent Chemistries for Real-Time PCR
M.A. Lee, D.J. Squirrell, D.L. Leslie, and T. Brown

Chapter 4
Performing Real-Time PCR
K.J. Edwards

Chapter 5
Internal and External Controls for Reagent Validation
M.A. Lee, D.L. Leslie and D.J. Squirrell

Chapter 6
Quantitative Real-Time PCR
N.A. Saunders

Chapter 7
Analysis of mRNA Expression by Real-Time PCR
S.A. Bustin and T. Nolan

Chapter 8
Mutation Detection by Real-Time PCR
K.J. Edwards and J.M.J Logan

Chapter 9
The Quantitative Amplification Refractory Mutation System
P. Punia and N.A. Saunders

Chapter 10
Real-Time NASBA
S. Hibbitts and J.D. Fox

Chapter 11
Applications of Real-Time PCR in Clinical Microbiology
A.D. Sails

Chapter 12
Application of Real-Time PCR to the Diagnosis of Invasive Fungal Infection
N. Isik and N.A. Saunders

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