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The Microbe-Host Interface in Respiratory Tract Infections

Publisher: Horizon Bioscience
Editors: Jan L.L.Kimpen and Octavio Ramilo Wilhelmina Children's Hospital, Utrecht, The Netherlands and Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, USA
Publication date: February 2005
ISBN-10: 0-8493-3646-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-8493-3646-1
Pages: x + 323

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This comprehensive volume reviews current research and hot topics in respiratory tract infections (RTIs). Internationally renown authors summarise the current knowledge of the molecular pathogenesis, immunology, genetics, and molecular diagnosis of the wide range of microbes involved in RTIs. Much research in recent years has been directed at understanding the molecular pathogenesis of, and the host response to, the most important microbial agents responsible for RTIs. Current research aims for the development of novel antimicrobials, new treatments, effective vaccines, and the rapid molecular diagnostic methods for microbes involved in RTIs. This book presents an overview of the current knowledge in this area and provides for a first time, a coherent picture of emerging strategies for control of microbes involved in RTIs. Distinguished international authors have contributed to this unique collection of highly acclaimed reviews. The book is divided into three sections: The first section reviews topics of general interest, the second section focuses on bacterial and atypical RTIs, while a final section covers viral RTIs. Various chapters comment on vaccines, antibiotics, and molecular diagnostic methods.


" ... a valuable sourcebook for microbiologists with a vested interest in this area. The book will suit readers with broad and divergent interests." from Microbiology Today.

Chapter List:

Chapter 1
Relevance of Genetic Background in Respiratory Tract Infections
Tjeerd G. Kimman and Barbara Hoebee

Chapter 2
The Hygiene Hypothesis: The Role of Microbes in the Prevention of Atopy and Atopic Disease
L.E.M. Niers, T.J. Steenhuis and M.O. Hoekstra

Chapter 3
Respiratory Infection in the Immunocompromised Host: Recognition and Treatment
A.R. Gennery and A.J. Cant

Chapter 4
New Diagnostic Modalities In Respiratory Tract Disease
Alex Van Belkum and Hubert G.M. Niesters

Chapter 5
The Pathogenesis of Bacterial Respiratory Tract Infection and Bronchitis
Janine Zweigner and Elaine Tuomanen

Chapter 6
The Role of Atypical Agents in Respiratory Tract Disease
Monica Fonseca-Aten, Ana Maria Rios and R. Doug Hardy

Chapter 7
Infections in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis: Effects of a Longer Survival
Heather E. Elphick and Rosalind L. Smyth

Chapter 8
Antibiotic Treatment of Lower Respiratory Tract Infection
Faryal Ghaffar and Octavio Ramilo

Chapter 9
Vaccines in the Prevention of Bacterial Respiratory Tract Infections in Children
Reinier H. Veenhoven and Elisabeth A.M. Sanders

Chapter 10
Pathogenesis of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Bronchiolitis: Immunological Aspects
J. Heidema, J.L.L. Kimpen and G.M. van Bleek

Chapter 11
Viral Infections and Childhood Asthma
M.J.J. Ermers and L. Bont

Chapter 12
L.M. Haveman, M. Bierings and T.F.W. Wolfs

Chapter 13
Rhinovirus: Is It Really a Relevant Pathogen?
Olli Ruuskanen and Timo Hyypiä

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