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Microbial Bionanotechnology: Biological Self-Assembly Systems and Biopolymer-Based Nanostructures

Publisher: Horizon Bioscience
Editor: Bernd Rehm Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand
Publication date: 01 March 2006
ISBN-10: 1-904933-16-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-904933-16-8
Pages: x + 374

Internationally acknowledged experts provide a survey of the most striking and successful approaches for the production of biogenic nanodevices using microorganisms. Entire chapters are dedicated to the biotechnological production of tailor-made biopolymer-based self-assembled nanostructures such as biopolyester, cyanophycin inclusions and alginates, which can be processed into nanoparticles. Other chapters summarise recent developments in protein- and DNA-based nanodevice production. The book demonstrates the diversity of biological nanostructures, the implied design space and the enormous potential for applications in medicine, biotechnology, drug delivery and biocomputing.

Chapter List:

•   Biopolyester Particles Produced by Microbes or Using Polyester Synthases: Self-assembly and Potential Applications
Bernd H. A. Rehm

•   Bionanofabrication: a Tool for Creating Unique Structures Through In Vitro Polymer Synthesis
Soazig C. Delamarre, Nuttawee Niamsiri, and Carl A. Batt

•   Polyhydroxyalkanoates in Nanobiotechnology: Application to Protein–Protein Interaction Studies
Sang Yup Lee and Jong Pil Park

•   Cyanophycin Inclusions: Biosynthesis and Applications
Wolfgang Lockau and Karl Ziegler

•   Biomineralization of Magnetosomes in Bacteria: Nanoparticles with Potential Applications
Claus Lang and Dirk Schüler

•   Microbial Production of Alginates: Self-assembly and Applications
Mark Salzig and Bernd H. A. Rehm

•   Bacteriophages: Self-assembly and Applications
Jasna Rakonjac and James F. Conway

•   Molecular Biomimetics: Linking Polypeptides to Inorganic Structures
Candan Tamerler and Mehmet Sarikaya

•   Bacterial Spores in Bionanotechnology
Simon M. Cutting, Ezio Ricca and Imrich Barák

•   Supramolecular Assembly Using the Natural Specificies of Biological Macromolecules
Jarrod Clark and Steven S. Smith

•   Bacterial Protein Complexes with Potential Applications in Nanotechnology
Shi-You Ding, Qi Xu, Edward A. Bayer, Xianghong Qian, Garry Rumbles, and Michael E. Himmel

•   S-Layer Proteins: Potential Application in Nano(bio)technology
Margit Sára, Eva-Maria Egelseer, Carina Huber, Nicola Ilk, Magdalena Pleschberger, Dietmar Pum, and Uwe B. Sleytr

•   Bacteriorhodopsin
Sergei P. Balashov and Janos K. Lanyi

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