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Mycoplasmas: Molecular Biology, Pathogenicity and Strategies for Control

Publisher: Horizon Bioscience
Editor: Alain Blanchard and Glenn Browning INRA Université de Bordeaux 2, Villenave d'Ornon, France and University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria, Australia
Publication date: April 2005
ISBN-10: 0-8493-9861-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-8493-9861-2
Pages: xii + 604

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The mycoplasmas, or mollicutes, form a large group of bacteria that can infect humans, animals, and plants. Leading international mycoplasmologists have created this comprehensive and authoritative reference text that focuses not only on the molecular and cell biology of mycoplasmas and related mollicutes, but also on the pathogenesis and emerging strategies for control. The book represents a cutting edge summary of current knowledge in this topical field. Topics covered include genome analysis, gene vectors, genomics, motility, chemotaxis, attachment, molecular epidemiology, immunology, diagnosis, antimicrobial resistance, and vaccine technology. Essential reading for all scientists with an interest in mycoplasmas and a recommended volume for all microbiology laboratories.


"The chapter authors are global experts in their fields. The book offers in-depth discussions on the topics presented ... Overall this book can be recommended as a primary text that covers the many aspects of mycoplasmology." from R. Doug Hardy in Clinical Infectious Diseases 41: 1692 (December 2005).

"A useful, up-to-date and fairly thorough book ... a recommended purchase for individuals and institutes/libraries wanting to keep up to date with the field." from Microbiology Today (2006)

"This book provides a thorough discussion of relevant topics in mycoplasmology. I particularly liked the inclusion of novel chapters that broaden the scope of mycoplasma research, such as wildlife mycoplasmosis, molecular epidemiology, and vaccine development. The book is well illustrated and is suitable for scientists and clinicians who have an interest in mycoplasmology. More specifically, microbiologists, molecular biologists, immunologists, biochemists, plant pathologists, epidemiologists, physicians, and veterinarians will find this book quite interesting and informative. " from ASM Microbe (November 2006)

Chapter List:

Josy Bové

Section 1: Molecular Biology

Chapter 1
OriC Plasmids as Gene Vectors for Mollicutes
Joël Renaudin and Carole Lartigue

Chapter 2
Genome Analysis: Recombination, Repair and Recombinational Hotspots
Eduardo Rocha, Pascal Sirand-Pugnet, and Alain Blanchard

Chapter 3
Resources for Mining Mollicute Genomes
Aurélien Barré, Antoine de Daruvar, Alain Blanchard, and Pascal Sirand-Pugnet

Chapter 4
Phytoplasma Genomics
Shigetou Namba, Kenro Oshima, and Karen Gibb

Section 2: Cell Biology

Chapter 5
Gliding Motility of Mycoplasmas: the Mechanism Cannot be Explained by Current Biology
Makoto Miyata

Chapter 6
Spiroplasma Motility and Chemotaxis: Molecular Aspects of Cell Behaviour
Shlomo Trachtenberg

Chapter 7
Mycoplasma Attachment Organelle and Cell Division
Mitchell F. Balish and Duncan C. Krause

Chapter 8
Proteomic Analysis of the Mycoplasmas
Jacob D. Jaffe

Section 3: Pathogenicity and Control

Chapter 9
New Developments in Human Diseases Due to Mycoplasmas
Ken Waites and Deborah Talkington

Chapter 10
Diagnosis of Mycoplasmosis in Animals
Philip F. Markham and Amir H. Noormohammadi

Chapter 11
Emerging Mycoplasmoses in Wildlife
Daniel R. Brown, Laurie A. Zacher, Lori D. Wendland and Mary B. Brown

Chapter 12
Biodiversity of Mycoplasmas and Molecular Epidemiology
François Thiaucourt and François Roger

Chapter 13
Phenotypic Diversity and Cell Invasion in Host Subversion by Pathogenic Mycoplasmas
Christine Citti, Glenn F. Browning and Renate Rosengarten

Chapter 14
Immune Responses Following Mycoplasma Infection
Jerry W. Simecka

Chapter 15
Antimicrobial Therapy and Antimicrobial Resistance
Cécile M. Bébéar and Isabelle Kempf

Chapter 16
Vaccines to Control Mycoplasmosis
Glenn F. Browning, Kevin G. Whithear and Steven J. Geary

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