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The Internet for Cell and Molecular Biologists (2nd Edition)

Publisher: Horizon Bioscience
Editors: Andrea Cabibbo, Richard Grant and Manuela Helmer-Citterich University of Rome, Italy and MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK
Publication date: May 2004
ISBN-10: 0-9545232-0-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-9545232-0-6
Pages: vi + 452

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Updated and revised, the second edition of this popular book explains in detail the ever expanding possibilities that the internet offers cell biologists, molecular biologists, and other bioscientists. All aspects of the internet are discussed from mailing lists and discussion groups to sequence search facilities, primer design software, genome databases, computational genomics and microarray analysis. The book is an indispensable manual packed with essential information on the use, purpose and future potential of all relevant resources. An essential book for all bioscience laboratories.

This manual was designed to enable the bioscientist to make skilful use of computers and of the rich internet tool-set.

Key Features:

•   Low price paperback edition
•   Revised and up-to-date
•   New chapters on Microarrays, Genomics and Bioinformatics
•   Covers: Mailing lists, Discussion groups, Sequence search facilities, Primer design, Genome databases, and much, much more!
•   An indispensable manual
•   Ideal course book
•   Fully illustrated throughout
•   Useful index


Review of the first edition:
"... an outstanding undergraduate textbook ... an outstanding supplemental text to any contemporary course in molecular or structural biology, molecular genetics, or biochemistry ... a must-have reference book for science libraries" from Internet Reference Services Quarterly (2004) 8(4): 82-83.

Reviews of the second edition:
"... a general and practical framework for the understanding and non-trivial usage of computers, websites, e-mail, newsgroups, search engines and Pubmed" from CAB International (2004).

"... extensive list of links to web-based tools and resources, all of which appear to be current and active" from SGM Microbiol. Today (2005).

"... a welcome addition to university libraries" from The Biochemist (2005).

"Overall, this is an excellent hands-on introduction that ought to be useful to all practicing scientists in the life sciences - highly recommended." from ASM Microbe (December 2005)

Chapter List:

Chapter 1.
Internet: All You Wanted to Know and Didn't Dare to Ask
Lorenzo M. Catucci and Manuela Helmer-Citterich

Chapter 2.
Select the Right Computer
Michele Quondam

Chapter 3.
Feeling Safe?Think again: Internet Security
Michele Quondam

Chapter 4.
Design and Build Your Own Lab/Departmental Home Page
Andrea Cabibbo

Chapter 5.
Using Search Engines Effectively to Find People and Information
Andrea Cabibbo

Chapter 6.
Online Tools for Basic Sequence Manipulation, Restriction Analysis, PCR Primers Generation and Evaluation
Andrea Cabibbo

Chapter 7.
Theoretical Aspects of Sequence Alignments
Barbara Brannetti and Allegra Via

Chapter 8.
Analyze a DNA Sequence with Your Browser
Barbara Brannetti

Chapter 9.
Practical Aspects of Protein Sequence Analysis
Allegra Via

Chapter 10.
From Sequence to Structure: an Easy Approach to Protein Structure Prediction
Fabrizio Ferré

Chapter 11.
Genomics and Bioinformatics
Giorgio Valle, Alessandro Vezzi and Nicola Cannata

Chapter 12.
Gene Expression Analysis by Microarray
Emanuele De Rinaldis

Chapter 13.
Let Others Solve your Problems: the Newsgroups
Richard P. Grant

Chapter 14.
The Roaming Scientist: Get Online, Manage Your E-mail and Exchange Files from Everywhere
Andrea Cabibbo

Chapter 15.
Andrea Cabibbo and Manuela Helmer-Citterich


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