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Evolutionary Genetics of Fungi

Publisher: Horizon Bioscience
Editor: Jianping Xu McMaster University, Ontario, Canada
Publication date: August 2005
ISBN-10: 1-904933-15-7
ISBN-13: 978-1-904933-15-1
Pages: viii + 350

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Fungi play critical roles in human and animal health, in the agriculture and food industries, in biotechnology, and as model organisms for basic scientific studies. Molecular biology techniques and phylogenetic theories are currently being employed to address the reclassification of fungi, to improve the accuracy and speed of the diagnosis of fungal infections, to identify the sources of individual cases and outbreaks of infections, and to understand the patterns of genetic variation and evolutionary potentials in populations of pathogenic fungi. In this volume internationally recognised population and evolutionary geneticists describe the use of molecular techniques and bioinformatics to study the evolutionary genetics of fungi. The focus of the book is on the most recent advances and current theories in this highly topical area. Topics covered include the molecular methods currently used for typing species and strains of fungi, the selection of methods to address specific questions, molecular systematics, biogeography, population genetics, mitochondrial inheritance and evolution, drug resistance, mutations, model organisms, and much, much more. Essential reading for scientists and researchers working in mycology and a recommended reference text for all science libraries.


"an interesting and informative book on the recent advances of evolutionary genetics in fungi. Doubtless, the book is a recommended reference text for all science libraries. It is also an essential reading for every researcher with an interest in evolutionary genetics including: mycologists, molecular biologists, and biotechnologists." from Silvae Genetica (2006)

"This is a book that I am glad to have read and from which I have gleaned many useful points." from Index of Fungi (2006)

Chapter List:

Chapter 1
Molecular Systematics: Major Fungal Phylogenetic Groups and Fungal Species Concepts
Jean-Marc Moncalvo

Chapter 2
Diversity and Biogeography of Higher Fungi in China
Zhu L. Yang

Chapter 3
Biological Concepts of Vegetative Self and Nonself Recognition in Fungi
O. Cristina Micali and Myron L. Smith

Chapter 4
Fundamentals of Fungal Molecular Population Genetic Analyses
Jianping Xu

Chapter 5
The Population Genetics of Phycomycetes
Timothy Y. James

Chapter 6
Population Genetics of Ascomycetes Pathogenic to Humans and Animals
Claude Pujol, Andrew Dodgson, and David R. Soll

Chapter 7
Molecular Population Genetics of Basidiomycete Fungi
Jianping Xu, Mingjie Cheng, Qi Tan, and Yingjie Pan

Chapter 8
Fungal Mitochondrial Inheritance and Evolution
Zhun Yan and Jianping Xu

Chapter 9
Evolution of Drug Resistance in Pathogenic Fungi
Brian G. Oliver, Peter M. Silver, and Theodore C. White

Chapter 10
Rates and Effects of Spontaneous Mutations in Fungi
Clifford Zeyl

Chapter 11
Cryptococcus neoformans Evolves as a Model of Choice for Studying Signal Transduction
Ping Wang and Deborah S. Fox

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