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Computational Genomics: Current Methods

Publisher: Horizon Bioscience
Editor: Nikola Stojanovic University of Texas at Arlington, USA
Publication date: April 2007
ISBN: 978-1-904933-30-4 (hardback)
ISBN: 978-1-904933-39-7 (ebook)
Pages: xii + 234

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This book outlines the major issues and techniques that have emerged in genomics and bioinformatics over the last few years. It is a book aimed at the advanced reader and presents the most recent and up-to-date applications, technologies and resources.

The book opens with an overview of the current state of comparative genomics and an account of the issues involved in the analysis of newly sequenced genomes. Other topics cover the recent methods used in the study of mobile DNA elements, motif finding and the characterization of segments within DNA sequences, theoretical considerations and techniques in the construction and analysis of sequence alignments, and the methods for processing microarray data. Also included is an overview of the computational issues involved in the study of the HIV virus. The last part of the book provides an overview of the resources and technologies aimed to facilitate core genomics research: databases and supercomputing applications, the focus being on emerging technologies such as the interconnecting of resources, the development of meta-databases and data exchange protocols. The book concludes with a review of networking technologies and resources, as well as some of the applications of distributed computing in genomics.

An essential book for anyone involved in genomics or bioinformatics.

Chapter List:

Chapter 1
Comparative Genomics: Identifying Functional Elements through Conservation
Michael C. Zody

Chapter 2
Computational Analysis and Paleogenomics of Interspersed Repeats in Eukaryotes
Cédric Feschotte and Ellen J. Pritham

Chapter 3
Eukaryotic Transcriptional Regulation: Signals, Interactions and Modules
Sridhar Hannenhalli

Chapter 4
Genomic Sequence Analysis: A Case Study in Constrained Heaviest Segments
Kun-Mao Chao

Chapter 5
A Survey of Sequence Alignment
Daniel G. Brown

Chapter 6
Computational Challenges of Microarray Analysis
Pawel Michalak, Young Bun Kim, and Jean Gao

Chapter 7
Computational Analysis of HIV Molecular Sequences
Colombe Chappey

Chapter 8
Biological Databases
Alberto Riva

Chapter 9
Distributed Computational Biology: Clusters and Grids
David Levine

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