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Cancer Therapy: Molecular Targets in Tumor-Host Interactions

Publisher: Horizon Bioscience
Editor: Georg F. Weber University of Cincinnati Medical Center,Cincinnati, OH 45246-0004, USA
Publication date: 01 May 2005
ISBN-10: 1-904933-11-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-904933-11-3
Pages: xii + 398

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Tumor-host interaction is critical for cancer proliferation and spread. Tumor mass, metastasis, invasion of host tissue, evasion of the host immune response, and tumour drug resistance are all affected by the interaction between the tumor cell and the host. Molecular strategies to interrupt the Tumor-host interaction are amongst the most promising new leads to emerge in cancer pharmacogenomics and oncogenomics in recent years.

In this book internationally renown authors critically review every aspect of this major area in cancer research. In the opening chapter, Liang and colleagues describe the use of differential display to identify novel cancer-associated genes. This is followed by a fascinating chapter in which Aronow et al. describe possibilities for personalized cancer therapies including the potential new therapies identified by pharmacogenomics. Chapter 3 focuses on novel retinoid derived anti-cancer agents. The following chapters review in detail current advances in the targeting of specific events in cancinogenesis including: apoptosis (chapter 4), metastasis (chapters 6, 13), angiogenesis (chapters 7, 8, 10, 11), TGFβ (chapter 5), the endothelin receptor (chapter 9), and drug resistance (chapter 15). This section is followed by two excellent chapters detailing strategies that enlist the assistance of the host immune system (chapters 12 and 14). The closing chapter provides a stimulating insight into current research with suicide gene therapy vectors.

Essential reading everyone working in the area of molecular cancer research, anti-cancer drug research, cancer pharmacogenomics and oncogenomics, and recommended reading for students and health professionals.


"highly useful, and is enthusiastically recommended for cancer researchers and clinicians." from Singapore Med. J. (2006) 47(2): 175-176.

"... an overview of a variety of areas of tumor biology ... the book is well written." from Doody's (2006).

Chapter List:

Chapter 1
Identification of Target Genes by Differential Display
Emily K. Thomas, Susanne Stein, Roger S. Jackson II and Peng Liang

Chapter 2
Oncogenomics: Progress Towards Personalized Molecular Diagnoses and Therapies for Cancer
Sergio Kaiser, Franklin O. Smith and Bruce J. Aronow

Chapter 3
Cell Differentiation and Cancer Prevention by Retinoids
Lucia Altucci and Hinrich Gronemeyer

Chapter 4
Apoptosis in Cancer Formation and Progression
Simone Fulda and Klaus-Michael Debatin

Chapter 5
Redefining TGFβ as a Target in Cancer
Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff

Chapter 6
Inhibition of Tumor Metastasis by Targeting Metastasis Genes: BRMS1 as a Prototype
Douglas R. Hurst and Danny R. Welch

Chapter 7
Integrins in Angiogenesis: Implications for Tumor Therapy
T. Arndt, U. Arndt, U. Reuning and H. Kessler

Chapter 8
Anti-angiogenesis in Search of Mechanisms: Angiostatin as a Prototype
Laura Paleari, Claudio Brigati, Luca Anfosso, Raffaella Del'Eva, Adriana Albini and Douglas Noonan

Chapter 9
Therapeutic Targeting of the Endothelin Receptor in Cancer
Anna Bagnato

Chapter 10
Hemostatic Regulators as Drug Targets in Tumor Angiogenesis
Carolyn A. Staton and Claire E. Lewis

Chapter 11
Anti-angiogenesis by Inhibition of Protein Kinase Signaling
Beverly A. Teicher

Chapter 12
Targeting the Immune System to Tumor-associated Antigens
Michele Maio, Luca Sigalotti, Sandra Coral, Anna Maria Di Giacomo, Maresa Altomonte, Elda Lamaj and Ester Fonsatti

Chapter 13
The Role of Chemokines in Tumor Development and Metastasis
Pantea Houshmand, Tracy M. Handel and Albert Zlotnik

Chapter 14
Tumor Killing by Natural Killer Cells
Erika Cretney, Shayna E. A. Street and Mark J. Smyth

Chapter 15
Drug Resistance: A Problem and Possible Solutions
Richard D. Baird and Stanley B. Kaye

Chapter 16
Virus-directed Suicide Gene Therapy
Jo Morrison and David Kerr

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