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Supplementary Material for Influenza Virology: Current Topics

This page contains colour figures from Influenza Virology: Current Topics.

Colour Figures from Influenza Virology: Current Topics book:

Figure 2.4 Timecourse of NP intracellular localisation.
Figure 2.5 Influenza virus nucleocytoplasmic trafficking and the NEP hypothesis for RNP export.
Figure 4.2 Scheme (a) and molecular model (b) of the HA sialic acid-binding pocket based on the crystal structure of X-31 virus HA complexes with sialosides.
Figure 4.3 HAinteractions with (alpha 2-3)-linked and (alpha 2-6)-linked galactose residues.
Figure 4.4 X31 HA complexes with pentasaccharides LSTc (red) and LSTa (green) (stick models) superimposed on the same HA model (solvent accessible surface).
Figure 13.1 Gene expression profiling of the effects of NS1 on IFN-regulated gene expression.
Figure 13.3 Comparison of macaque and murine gene expression patterns in response to influenza virus infection.
Figure 13.4 Cellular gene expression profiles elicited by influenza, vaccinia, SARS-Cov, Ebola Zaire, or Marburg virus infection.