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Our high level microbiology and molecular biology books bring together expert international authors under the skilled editorship of leading scientists to produce state-of-the-art compendiums of current research. Aimed at the research scientist, graduate student, medical reseacher and other professionals, these books are highly recommended for all microbiology and molecular biology libraries.
Insect Virology
Edited by: Sassan Asgari and Karyn N. Johnson   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-71-4. Ebook: 978-1-912530-70-0
"excellently written ... very high standard" (Microbiol. Today); "a huge leap forward" (SIP) read more ...
Full information at Insect Virology.
Sensory Mechanisms in Bacteria: Molecular Aspects of Signal Recognition
Edited by: Stephen Spiro and Ray Dixon   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-69-1. Ebook: 978-1-912530-75-5
"an excellent volume" (Microbiol. Today) read more ...
Full information at Sensory Mechanisms in Bacteria.
Bifidobacteria: Genomics and Molecular Aspects
Edited by: Baltasar Mayo and Douwe van Sinderen   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-68-4. Ebook: 978-1-912530-69-4
"essential reading for every bifidobacteria researcher" (Beneficial Microbes); "covers the topic of Bifidobacterium extensively" (Doodys); "essential reading" (BIOspektrum); "well-written, informative and uses high-quality graphics" (Microbiology Today) read more ...
Full information at Bifidobacteria.
Molecular Phylogeny of Microorganisms
Edited by: Aharon Oren and R. Thane Papke   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-67-7. Ebook: 978-1-912530-72-4
"a pleasure to read" (Curr. Issues Mol. Biol.); "very informative ... I would recommend this book" (Microbiology Today); "outstanding book" (Intl. Microbiol.); "I strongly recommend the book" (J Plant Physiol); "comprehensive" (Fungal Diversity) read more ...
Nanotechnology in Water Treatment Applications
Edited by: T. Eugene Cloete, Michele de Kwaadsteniet, Marelize Botes and J. Manuel López-Romero   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-66-0. Ebook: 978-1-912530-84-7
State-of-the-art research and development in nanomaterials and their application in water treatment, purification and disinfection. Nanotechnology applications in microbiology and water treatment read more ...
Iron Uptake and Homeostasis in Microorganisms
Edited by: Pierre Cornelis and Simon C. Andrews   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-65-3. Ebook: 978-1-912530-82-3
"well-written, comprehensive ... contemporary" (Microbiology Today); "strongly recommended" (BIOspektrum) read more ...
Caliciviruses: Molecular and Cellular Virology
Edited by: Grant S. Hansman, Xi Jason Jiang and Kim Y. Green   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-63-9. Ebook: 978-1-912530-79-3
"highly recommended" (Microbiol. Today); "a very comprehensive review" (Doodys) read more ...
Full information at Caliciviruses.
Epstein-Barr Virus: Latency and Transformation
Edited by: Erle S. Robertson   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-62-2, 978-1-904455-64-6. Ebook: 978-1-912530-80-9
"packed with valuable information" (Doodys) read more ...
Full information at Epstein-Barr Virus.
Anaerobic Parasitic Protozoa: Genomics and Molecular Biology
Edited by: C. Graham Clark, Patricia J. Johnson and Rodney D. Adam   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-61-5. Ebook: 978-1-912530-86-1
"very well written and edited ... easy to read" (Parasites and Vectors); "highly useful to experts and active researchers" (Quarterly Rev. Biol.); "well written, well referenced and very up to date" (Aus. J. Med. Sci.) read more ...
Full information at Anaerobic Parasitic Protozoa.
Lentiviruses and Macrophages: Molecular and Cellular Interactions
Edited by: Moira Desport   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-60-8. Ebook: 978-1-912530-83-0
"highly recommended" (Microbiology Today) read more ...
Full information at Lentiviruses and Macrophages.
Microbial Population Genetics
Edited by: Jianping Xu   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-59-2. Ebook: 978-1-912530-85-4
"valuable contribution" (SciTech Book News); "informative and well written" (Fungal Diversity); "a useful overview" (Quart. Rev. Biol.) read more ...
Full information at Microbial Population Genetics.
Borrelia: Molecular Biology, Host Interaction and Pathogenesis
Edited by: D. Scott Samuels and Justin D. Radolf   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-58-5. Ebook: 978-1-912530-78-6
"a fantastic source of information" (Parasites and Vectors); "a fabulous resource" (Microbiol. Today); "outstanding" (Biospektrum); "required acquisition for any medical school library, research institution, and microbiology laboratory" (Clin. Inf. Dis.); "an excellent resource" (Q. Rev. Biol.); "this is a good book to get" (Lyme Disease, Science and Society) read more ...
Full information at Borrelia.
Influenza: Molecular Virology
Edited by: Qinghua Wang and Yizhi Jane Tao   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-57-8. Ebook: 978-1-912530-81-6
"good quality, concise book ... comprehensively covers the current work on influenza" (Doodys); "a series of excellent and high-powered articles" (Expert Rev. Vaccines); "a nicely put together book" (Microbiol. Today) read more ...
Full information at Influenza.
RNA Interference and Viruses: Current Innovations and Future Trends
Edited by: Miguel Angel Martínez   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-56-1. Ebook: 978-1-912530-87-8
"a comprehensive review" (Microbiology Today) "a timely and well-compiled book" (Expert Review of Vaccines); "a timely and useful review" (Quart. Rev. Biol.) read more ...
Full information at RNA Interference and Viruses.
The Prion Protein
Edited by: Jörg Tatzelt   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-912530-07-6. Ebook: 978-1-912530-96-0
Leading scientists in the field have come together to highlight the apparently incongruous activities of different PrP conformers read more ...
Full information at The Prion Protein.
Retroviruses: Molecular Biology, Genomics and Pathogenesis
Edited by: Reinhard Kurth and Norbert Bannert   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-55-4. Ebook: 978-1-912530-97-7
"beautifully illustrated ... I highly recommend" (Retrovirology blog); "impressive work ... a substantial resource to the field" (SciTech Book News); "a succinct, state-of-the-art summary" (Microbiol. Today); "recommendable" (Arzneimittelforschung) read more ...
Full information at Retroviruses.
Metagenomics: Theory, Methods and Applications
Edited by: Diana Marco   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-54-7. Ebook: 978-1-912530-94-6
"an excellent resource" (Doodys); "recommended" (Arzneimittelforschung/Drug Research); "highly recommended" (Microbiol. Today); "extremely well-written, easy to read, and highly informative" (Quart. Rev. Biol.); "highly recommended" (Biotechnol. J.) read more ...
Full information at Metagenomics.
Aspergillus: Molecular Biology and Genomics
Edited by: Masayuki Machida and Katsuya Gomi   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-53-0. Ebook: 978-1-912530-89-2
"authoritive overview" (Microbiology Today) "essential reading" (SciTech Book News) "concise and highly current ... a must-read" (Biotechnology); "a nice compact book" (Fungal Diversity read more ...
Full information at Aspergillus.
Environmental Molecular Microbiology
Edited by: Wen-Tso Liu and Janet K. Jansson   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-52-3. Ebook: 978-1-912530-91-5
"highly recommended ... invaluable" (International Microbiology) read more ...
Neisseria: Molecular Mechanisms of Pathogenesis
Edited by: Caroline Genco and Lee Wetzler   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-51-6. Ebook: 978-1-912530-95-3
"authoritative reviews" (Microbiology Today); "a comprehensive update" (Soc. Microbial Ecology and Disease); "excellent, comprehensive ... valuable and timely ... highly recommended" (Expert Rev. Anti Infect. Ther.) read more ...
Full information at Neisseria.
Frontiers in Dengue Virus Research
Edited by: Kathryn A. Hanley and Scott C. Weaver   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-50-9. Ebook: 978-1-912530-90-8
"a valuable point of reference" (Microbiology Today) "up-to-date and cutting-edge ... an important reference" (Expert Review of Vaccines) read more ...