Caister Academic Press

Poxviruses and interferons

Beatriz Perdiguero and Mariano Esteban
from: Viruses and Interferon: Current Research (Edited by: Karen Mossman). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2011)


Since the discovery of interferons (IFNs) more than half a century ago, these molecules have become key players of many cellular processes, particularly in the control of viral infections, cell growth and immune regulation. How the cells respond to IFN and identification of the molecular signals involved is a major goal in research. In this chapter we address these issues through the current understanding of the interaction between poxviruses and the IFN system. These large DNA containing viruses have acquired during their evolution an array of genes that counteract the IFN pathways at multiple levels. How the viral genes act is presented read more ...
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