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Cellulases from Thermophilic Fungi

Li Duochuan
from: Thermophilic Microorganisms (Edited by: Fu-Li Li). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2015) Pages: 121-140.


Thermophilic fungi are species that grow at high temperature. Because of their thermostable enzymes, thermophilic fungi have received increasing attention. In this recent decade, cellulases from thermophilic fungi have remarkable progress in many aspects, such as purifying and characterizing the cellulase components, understanding the mechanism of cellulose degradation, cloning and expression of cellulase genes, determining the structures of cellulase components, improving the properties of cellulases by mutation and fusion, understanding structure-function relationships in cellulases and demonstrating the industrial potential of cellulases. Especially, recent genomic sequencing, transcriptome data and secreted proteins showed a number of cellulase genes in thermophilic fungi. The present review will summarizes recent advances in these areas, identify the present gaps and give future perspectives in researches on cellulases from thermophilic fungi read more ...
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