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Ribo-regulation in Shigella

Erin R. Murphy, William H. Broach and Andrew B. Kouse
from: Shigella: Molecular and Cellular Biology (Edited by: William D. Picking and Wendy L. Picking). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2016) Pages: 109-138.


Bacterial ribo-regulators are a diverse collection of molecules defined here as any RNA molecule that functions to specifically control the expression of a target gene(s), or the activity of a target protein. While the role of regulatory proteins in controlling virulence gene expression in Shigella species has long been appreciated, the role of RNA-mediated regulation on this process is just now coming into focus. Recent advances have revealed that ribo-regulators play a central role in modulating Shigella gene expression in response to changes in specific environmental conditions, a process that is essential to the survival and virulence of these important pathogens. This chapter will present a general overview of bacterial ribo-regulators, followed by a detailed discussion of each Shigella ribo-regulator characterized to date. Special emphasis will be placed on the role that each known Shigella ribo-regulator plays in facilitating the survival and/or virulence of these significant pathogens read more ...
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