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Insect Vector Interaction and Transmission of Cereal-Infecting Rhabdoviruses

M.G. Redinbaugh, A. E. Whitfield, and E.-D. Ammar
from: Rhabdoviruses: Molecular Taxonomy, Evolution, Genomics, Ecology, Host-Vector Interactions, Cytopathology and Control (Edited by: Ralf G. Dietzgen and Ivan V. Kuzmin). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2012)


The cereal-infecting cytorhabdoviruses and nucleorhabdoviruses are transmitted to new plant hosts in a persistent, propagative manner by their leafhopper (Cicadellidae and planthopper (Fulgoroidea) vectors. We discuss our current knowledge of virus acquisition by, replication and movement in, and transmission by their vectors. Barriers to virus acquisition and infection of specific tissues in the insect host in determining vector competence between and among vector species are beginning to be defined. Emerging information on vector genomes indicates the presence of genes with similarity to those important for rhabdovirus uptake into cells, and the innate immune system of mammals. Gaps in our knowledge of what makes a vector are identified and future directions for research are discussed read more ...
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