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Overview of Therapeutic Applications of Bacteriophages

David Kelly, Olivia McAuliffe, R. Paul Ross, Jim O'Mahony and Aidan Coffey
from: Phage Therapy: Current Research and Applications (Edited by: Jan Borysowski, Ryszard Międzybrodzki and Andrzej Górski). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2014)


This chapter will give an overview of the different applications of bacteriophages (phages). These include the use of whole virulent phages as antibacterials, recent advances in the development and applications of genetically modified phages, the use of phages as delivery vehicles and vaccines, and recent developments in the study and use of purified endolysins. Generally, it is clear that phages have a considerable array of potential applications as therapeutics in the modern medical and veterinary fields. In particular, the continued antibiotic resistance problem in clinically relevant micro-organisms calls for the exploitation of cheap, natural, readily-available, safe and efficient therapeutic agents. Phages exhibit characteristics which satisfy all of these criteria and their reintroduction as medical treatment options is worthy of strong consideration read more ...
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