Caister Academic Press

Reliability and Validity of Quantitative Research Instruments

Aceme Nyika
from: Postgraduate Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for PhD and Master's Students and their Supervisors (Author: Aceme Nyika). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2018) Pages: 39-48.


Quantitative research involves collection and analysis of empirical data in order to answer specific research questions. The quality of research findings depends to a large extent on the appropriateness and quality of research instruments or tools used to collect data, the way the data are analysed and the interpretation thereof. If the data collection instruments are flawed in one way or another, then the data collected and the findings of the research are also flawed. Appropriateness and quality of research instruments pertain to the reliability and validity of the instruments. This article explains the meaning and different types of reliability and validity of quantitative research instruments. Diagrams that help to make the explanations easy to understand are used read more ...
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