Caister Academic Press

Proteomic analyses in Pasteurellaceae

John D. Boyce and Ben Adler
from: Pasteurellaceae: Biology, Genomics and Molecular Aspects (Edited by: Peter Kuhnert and Henrik Christensen). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2008)


Proteomics is the simultaneous identification and/or analysis of large groups of proteins expressed by an organism. Here we review the range of proteomic analyses which have been reported for members of the family Pasteurellaceae. These include the non-quantitative identification of proteins from whole organisms or from sub-cellular fractions, as well as the quantitative analysis of how the expression of certain proteins changes in response to particular growth conditions. As many members of the Pasteurellaceae are important pathogens, studies have focussed primarily on protein expression under conditions likely to be encountered during natural infections. The large variation in experimental techniques used and the conditions analysed has made it difficult to make meaningful comparisons about protein expression across the species within the Pasteurellaceae read more ...
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