Caister Academic Press

Phylogeny of Pasteurellaceae

Bozena M. Korczak and Peter Kuhnert
from: Pasteurellaceae: Biology, Genomics and Molecular Aspects (Edited by: Peter Kuhnert and Henrik Christensen). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2008)


This chapter provides an overview on the DNA based phylogeny of the family Pasteurellaceae and the genetic relatedness between taxa taking into account the various gene targets and approaches applied in the literature. The classical 16S rRNA gene based phylogeny as well as phylogenies based on house-keeping genes are described. Moreover, strength and weakness of the different trees and their topology are discussed based on the phylogenetic groups resolved. The data should help to get a clearer picture on the recent, current and future classification and also provide information to genetic characterization of members of the family. The history of phylogeny applied to the family as well as the phylogenetic history of the family is thereby presented. In this way it is the story of the search for the optimal phylogenetic marker without giving a final conclusive suggestion but it is also a resource for choosing the appropriate gene target(s) for people investigating the phylogeny of groups of Pasteurellaceae read more ...
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