Caister Academic Press

The Molecular Biology of the Survival and Virulence of Treponema denticola

Marie-Claude Jobin, Mohsen Amin and Richard P. Ellen
from: Molecular Oral Microbiology (Edited by: Anthony H. Rogers). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2008)


The levels of oral spirochetes are elevated in patients with periodontal diseases. Among this group, Treponema denticola is the most studied and is considered as one of the main etiological bacteria of periodontitis. The environment in which this bacterium thrives has shaped it into the motile and highly proteolytic bacterium that we know today. Application of new molecular biology tools and genomic analysis has contributed greatly to the understanding of this fastidious bacterium. Mutagenesis of specific genes and the complete genome sequence of the Type strain, ATCC 35405, have given new insights into its intrinsic survival mechanisms. This chapter presents a review of the latest reports on T. denticola genes and proteins implicated in motility, growth and virulence read more ...
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