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Bioinformatics Resources for Plant Genomics: Opportunities and Bottlenecks in The -omics Era

Luca Ambrosino, Chiara Colantuono, Francesco Monticolo and Maria Luisa Chiusano
from: Next-generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics for Plant Science (Edited by: Vijai Bhadauria). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2017) Pages: 71-88.


The sudden exponential increase of biological data concerning genome structure and functionalities, also fostered by the advent of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies, while expanding the opportunity to highlight still uncovered molecular aspects, challenges bioinformatics in several repects. Data management, processing, updating, dissemination and integration are the major areas of concern. The rapid increase in various omics technologies causes two major issues, which may even appear contrasting: the dissemination of poorly curated datasets, still in the form of raw collections or preliminary draft results, and the fast updating of information that, as a consequence, affects the establishment of stable reliable resources. These issues are mainly caused by the lower rate of bioinformatics in extracting added value information from the large amount of data, when compared to the faster technologies involved in data production. This review describes main bioinformatics resources for plants genomics to underline the heterogeneity of the available collections, coherent with the multifaceted complexity of plant sciences. It aims to provide an in-depth report highlighting bottlenecks that may significantly affect a fluent progress in the field and attempts to suggest possible solutions to the various issues read more ...
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