Caister Academic Press

Advanced Applications of Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies to Orchid Biology

Chuan-Ming Yeh, Zhong-Jian Liu and Wen-Chieh Tsai
from: Next-generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics for Plant Science (Edited by: Vijai Bhadauria). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2017) Pages: 51-70.


Next-generation sequencing technologies are revolutionizing biology by permitting, transcriptome sequencing, whole-genome sequencing and resequencing, and genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphism profiling. Orchid research has benefited from this breakthrough, and a few orchid genomes are now available; new biological questions can be approached and new breeding strategies can be designed. The first part of this review describes the unique features of orchid biology. The second part provides an overview of the current next-generation sequencing platforms, many of which are already used in plant laboratories. The third part summarizes the state of orchid transcriptome and genome sequencing and illustrates current achievements. The genetic sequences currently obtained will not only provide a broad scope for the study of orchid biology, but also serves as a starting point for uncovering the mystery of orchid evolution read more ...
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