Caister Academic Press

Introduction to Legionellosis Diagnosis and Control in the Genomic Era

Rachel E. Gibbs and Jacob Moran-Gilad
from: Legionellosis Diagnosis and Control in the Genomic Era (Edited by: Jacob Moran-Gilad and Rachel E. Gibbs). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2020) Pages: 1-6.


Legionella bacteria are a leading cause of infectious disease and mortality worldwide. Moreover, from the perspectives of bacteriology, public health, epidemiology and clinical medicine, Legionella is an exceptional and unique micro-organism. Historically, the study of Legionella is inherently multidisciplinary as leading up to human infection, the bacteria interacts with freshwater and other various ecosystems, protozoa, complex molecular secretion systems, man-made water systems and finally, human colonization and antibiotic treatment. These multifaceted interactions often render the studies of Legionella as an applicable model for the prevention, assessment and control of other infectious diseases causing outbreaks. Since the discovery of the organism in 1977, the techniques which specialists use for research on Legionella have rapidly transformed. With chapters written by a diverse array of specialists, this book exemplifies the dynamic nature of Legionella while new methods such as genomics revolutionize this domain read more ...
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