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Response of B Lymphocyte During Leishmania Infection

Koushik Mondal and Syamal Roy
from: Molecular Biology of Kinetoplastid Parasites (Edited by: Hemanta K. Majumder). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2018) Pages: 39-66.


Leishmania protozoa affects peripheral B cell subset and expansion of multiple B cell clones leading to polyclonal B cell activation. Both cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis stimulates polyclonal B cell activation leading to generation of self or autoantibody and secretion of IgG. The polyclonal B cell activation also stimulates and activates Transitional B cell and Marginal Zone B cell subsets to function as an IL-10 secreting regulatory B cell during infection. Protozoal parasite mediated generation of hypergammaglobulinemia and secretion of IL-10 are the major B cell immuno-pathological changes responsible for disease progression during leishmaniasis read more ...
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