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Online Resources and Tools for Epigeneticists

Nicholas C. Wong
from: Epigenetics: A Reference Manual (Edited by: Jeffrey M. Craig and Nicholas C. Wong). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2011)


Biological experiments are rapidly moving into the information age with the explosion of data generated from rapidly evolving technologies. Microarrays can interrogate many thousands to millions of loci within any one sample, while massively parallel sequencing platforms can essentially measure the entire genome. Keeping up with this rapid pace of data accumulation has required the development of online tools for the processing, analysis and annotation of data generated from large numbers of microarrays or next generation sequencing (NGS) experiments. I will cover a selected range of tools available to the biological researcher, from online discussion forums and blogs, to curated databases that store the data and associated annotations. I will then cover viewer tools that enable visualisation the annotations and finally review tools for assay design for follow up validation of NGS and microarray analyses. I will pay particular attention to DNA methylation and provide the reader with an insight into what is available online for the epigenetics researcher aiming to make sense of epigenomic data. As a disclaimer, this chapter is by no means a comprehensive list of available epigenetics resources, which are constantly being updated and expanded through the Internet and just a mouse click through Google away read more ...
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