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Enzymatic Approaches for Genome DNA Methylation Profiling

Benjamin Chanrion, Yurong Xin and Fatemeh Haghighi
from: Epigenetics: A Reference Manual (Edited by: Jeffrey M. Craig and Nicholas C. Wong). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2011)


DNA methylation plays an essential role in normal human development, where abnormalities in proper establishment and maintenance of DNA methylation patterns result in human disease. Many experimental approaches have been developed for assaying DNA methylation patterns, including enzymatic-based approaches. In this chapter, we highlight some of these approaches and describe their relative advantages and disadvantages. We also describe advances in microarray and sequencing technologies that have improved resolution of enzymatic-based methods, providing expanded coverage of CpG dinucleotides throughout the genome. These approaches are important tools in characterizing the role of DNA methylation in genome organization and function read more ...
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