Caister Academic Press

Biogenesis and Dynamics of Thylakoid Membranes and the Photosynthetic Apparatus

Conrad W. Mullineaux
from: The Cyanobacteria: Molecular Biology, Genomics and Evolution (Edited by: Antonia Herrero and Enrique Flores). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2008)


Thylakoid membranes are the site of the light-reactions of photosynthesis, and they are crucial to the photosynthetic lifestyle of cyanobacteria. This chapter discusses what we know about the structure, organisation and biogenesis of thylakoid membranes in cyanobacteria. There is an emphasis on the dynamics of the membrane, and the roles that protein diffusion may play in membrane biogenesis, regulation of photosynthesis and the turnover and repair of the photosynthetic apparatus. Although we have detailed knowledge of many thylakoid membrane components and some thylakoid membrane processes, much remains to be learned about the large-scale organisation and biogenesis of thylakoid membranes. The chapter highlights some of the questions that are still unresolved read more ...
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