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dCas9: A Versatile Tool for Epigenome Editing

Daan J.W. Brocken, Mariliis Tark-Dame and Remus T. Dame
from: The CRISPR/Cas System: Emerging Technology and Application (Edited by: Muhammad Jamal). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2017) Pages: 15-32.


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The epigenome is a heritable layer of information not encoded in the DNA sequence of the genome, but in chemical modifications of DNA or histones. These chemical modifications, together with transcription factors, operate as spatiotemporal regulators of genome activity. Dissecting epigenome function requires controlled site-specific alteration of epigenetic information. Such control can be obtained using designed DNA-binding platforms associated with effector domains to function as targeted transcription factors or epigenetic modifiers. Here, we review the use of dCas9 as a novel and versatile tool for fundamental studies on epigenetic landscapes, chromatin structure and transcription regulation, and the potential of this approach in basic research in these fields.
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